The priceless moments of having a pet…

No, I’m not a crazy cat lady.  I love dogs. I always wanted and had dogs growing up and was severely allergic to cats. When I went off to college, my mom even felt horrible every time I went to visit because I would have a horrible reaction and would be miserable my entire stay.  One day however,  I was at my best friends house and she had a cat. I was nervous about my first visit to her place. After a few hours, I found myself NOT sneezing and itching and scratching my eyes.  I remembered hearing once that you can grow in and out of allergies every 7 or so years, but I never put much thought into it.  Had I beaten my cat allergy? 5 years later I adopted a cat I found outside my best friends apartment.  My little stray I called Shadow….I loved that dam* cat 🙂

About 2 years ago I lost Shadow, and never realized until that moment how precious a pet can be.  It may sound insane or a little wacko to some people, but anyone that has ever loved and lost an animal knows what I’m talking about. You can’t really put into words what a pet can mean to someone.  It’s your companion. Your friend.  It loves you unconditionally.  Needs you.  Misses you.  Makes you laugh. Makes you angry when they misbehave….. and eventually will make you cry….  It’s just an animal….I know….I get it. But YOUR pet is still somehow priceless  …

My co-worker gave me a kitten from her cat’s litter about 3 months after the tragedy of Shadow and I felt like it was too soon. As if I was betraying Shadow. Like he could so easily be replaced?? Ha! Please (sarcastic tone)….

I was wrong. Don’t misunderstand me. I will always have a special place in my heart for Shadow, my first true pet I could call mine. But my new little guy, Oscar (a.k.a. Carlos) is pretty adorable too. Here are some snapshots of my little stinker whom I also call P.I.T.A.  from time to time …anyone know that acronym 🙂

Meet Oscar


Nice to meet you!


This is where he waits when I’m not home. Everyday he greets me here.

Wise old cat?







No reading Mom. I need attention now…meow.


Spoiled cat even gets to drink out of the faucet. Heaven forbid he drink water that has been sitting out for more than 3 hours!

Despite all the silly pictures and how much I spoil him, he still is quite a loving cat and a great little snuggle bug.

WOW! After writing this, maybe I am a crazy cat lady.  I only have one for the record!


4 thoughts on “The priceless moments of having a pet…

  1. I’m am so pleased you got another animal. I wasn’t a cat person till I got Tiger-lily. I love her even when she distroyed the carpet. She is exteremly talkative and loves to help with reading and computer work. At the moment she is trying to adjust to our new dog Lou. He is a beagle we resuced after we lost our old beagle Ben, who was our cats best friend. If you’d like to see them please check out my blog Animals are so worth all the crazy times.

  2. Crazy cat ladies unite! We have three and they are so precious to us. Some people just don’t get the connection to animals, but I feel it as strongly as I feel connected to my siblings. He’s a handsome boy!

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